A Quiet Place

The Boss.

On the subject of sleep, I’m writing this from our living-room while baby Mary sleeps in her pram in the kitchen, large muslin cloth shrouding her from sight, cooker hood fan on, Leonard Cohen singing softly of tea and oranges nearby. These are the ludicrous measures I go to in order to be able to type during her morning nap, because my baby has THE EARS OF A BAT.

My husband and I spend our evenings, after Mary’s conked out, tip-toeing about the cottage, wincing at creaky floorboards and cracking bones, whispering entire conversations to each other, laughing with our hands covering our mouths, and watching TV with the subtitles on. It’s exactly like the John Krasinski film A Quiet Place, in which terrible monsters are drawn to people if they make the tiniest noise, except that our terrible monster weighs in at just over 15lbs.

It’s odd, because, like I mentioned in my last post, Mary can snooze in the noisiest surroundings. I’ve seen her sleep through a waitress dropping a tray of crockery in a packed coffee shop, or while boisterous toddlers throw themselves around like WWF fighters on a mat beside her. But the sound of Andrew and I kissing each other goodnight beside her cot? GOOD MORNING WORLD! Where’s the party at?

When we get our new house with an actual UPSTAIRS things will be different. But for now, it’s goodbye listening to dialogue and hello sneezing into cushions while The Boss slumbers in her tiny blankety throne.

3 thoughts on “A Quiet Place

  1. Hello you, congratulations, you have a beautiful daughter…. My boys (2 and 3,5 years old) are both of the bat-ears kind – I thought the same, let’s move into a house, upstairs the bedrooms and maybe finally I could get something done when they are asleep. 😀 We should have tested the accoustics – it got worse! So when you shop for a new place – test it – test it as thoroughly as possible, even if they look at you strangely! Best wishes, Elisabeth 😉

    1. Thanks Elisabeth, good to hear I’m not the only one with a bat-eared baby! I will definitely test the acoustics when house-hunting. Nothing worse than echoing coughs and clompy shoe sounds 😉 J x

  2. Hi again, uups acoustics with one c grrrr …but to shop for a house isn’t wrong, right? When I read to hunt for a house my imagination runs wilde – we’re talking spears and shields.
    It’s actually a miracle how a person who reads books – written solely in english isn’t proficient in written English as well. It seems I have passiv reading down to a T :/
    BUT ->
    I’m really happy to have stumbled onto your blog.

    I’m looking forward to new posts.

    Hope you and the yellow bows wearing daughter sleep well tonight 😀

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